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The Gold range combines the traditional heritage look with the elegance of modern living. These rails feature 25mm polished round tubes with ball joints and are available in concealed or exposed left or right hand wiring (please specify on order). The rails come with an optional dress ring for added elegance. A range of bathroom fittings with the ball joint feature is available to complement this model. Make a statement in your heritage style bathroom with a gold heated towel rail. Made from hard wiring stainless steel, the rails are gold plated and come with a Multiflex lead for left or right hand wiring option. The rails can be hard wired or have the option to plug in, if a 3 pin plug is added.
Square with border.
Ablaze Mirrors including mirror box with lights in warm and cool light options 96 watts. By Thermogroup.
570 x 1260mm
$ 739.00
Thermorail™ enhances the bathroom experience by gently warming your towels to add that little bit extra comfort and warmth to you bathroom. Our heated towel rails are designed to run on the lowest wattage possible, without compromising comfort.
A 700 x 550mm crystal mirror characterised by an exceptional silhouette. The base plate is made from hardened curved glass, decorated by vertical strips of light. Lit with two 16W cool fluoroscent bulbs.
700 x 1200mm. Round. Black
$ 839.00
Filtered hot and ambient cold water delivered from a dual faucet. Adjustable temperature for steaming hot water to 96°C. Child safety lock on dual faucet. Quality Stainless Steel tank. Cheaper than boiling a kettle. Ideal for refreshing drinks, tea, coffee, blanching vegetables, rinsing dishes and many other uses. Warranty 1 Year(includes Pro Series cartridge/head/valves/hose). By Water Filters Australia.
900 x 750mm
$ 989.00
Oval without border.
Ablaze Mirrors including mirror box with lights in warm and cool light options 63 watts. By Thermogroup.
Round Backlit Mirror without border 863 diameter
Liquid filled heated towel rails unlike the standard Thermorail range which have electric dry elements, and are excellent for drying and warming towels. The Jeeves Rails are liquid filled and controlled by Jeeves Automatic Heating Technology (AHT). AHT is an intelligent, convenient and energy efficient method of heating towel rails unique to Jeeves.
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