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When planning bathrooms we always include a mirror but often overlook including a magnified mirror yet when we come to apply make-up or shave the mirror becomes the most important accessory. When you consider the cost of make-up it only makes sense to have a magnified mirror to ensure you achieve the desired result. Having the right magnification mirror allows you to use the mirror (even without your glasses) to make sure you look your best.
Ideal for bathrooms with limited wall space the swivel rails feature a 32mm round upright with 22mm diameter bars. The rails are made from stainless steel and are concealed or exposed wiring and have an On/Off switch on the rail for added convenience.
Raised rectangles stepped on the border of this bevelled mirror give it a stylish, modern look. Indiana can be hung vertically or horizontally. Internal mirror is 390 x 620mm.
Thermorail enhances the bathroom experience by gently warming your towels to add that little bit extra comfort and warmth to your bathroom. Our heated towel rails are designed to run on the lowest wattage possible, without compromising comfort, and feature a voltage regulator to prevent overheating and maintain optimum running temperature.
Heated Budget Range. By Thermogroup.
600 x 800mm.�Round
$ 399.00
Is compatible with the most popular floor sensor probes on the market making it suitable to upgrade your current thermostat. Available in White or Black.
Hard wired 240 volt electric mirror with light in chrome. By Thermogroup.
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