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Why it pays to be a BIGA+ member

The BIGA+ logo represents our organisation and our brand. Simply put, our brand is our reputation, it is the experiences we create for our members, our customers and the public.

Every interaction an individual or group with BIGA+ generates an impression that contributes to our reputation. Our logo, our stores, our publications and our website are all reputation building experiences. Every interaction is a chance to express our values, expand our reputation or build our brand.

The quality and consistency of our communications is important to how we are perceived. Our communications offer the the promise of better service and a better outcome. We must work as a group to validate this promise.

Our Message is clear NO supplier products will be displayed without a trading agreement in place in a BIGA + store to validate the unity of the group.

Please use the following guide to ensure our brand is cohesive.

simply better

Here's how you can join BIGA+

To become eligible for membership the following points are some of our requirements.

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  • The applicant must retail in plumbing, bathroom and hardware associated products
  • Your business must not to be situated where a conflict with an existing member could arise
  • Your willigness to align your business with our suppliers

Other issues for consideration

  • Do you have trading accounts with any of our existing suppliers?
  • Do you have a showroom?

Run by members for the benefit of members.

With our very strong membership and trading agreements with suppliers across Australia, we enable our members to have plumbing, bathroom and building products/materials at very special prices. This means our members can sell products for less and additionally we source exclusive product lines to enable members to stay competitive.

It's all about our buying power

Our Group has in place trading agreements, with a comprehensive suppliers list that enables this to happen. Our message is simple - we are run by the members and, yes, you can have a say in the direction of our group.

South-East Tile & Bathroom Centre

We pride ourselves on specialising in the best brands and the latest trends.

"...We have been supplying tiles, bathroom products & home heating since 1992. Having already been involved in the Tile Power group since our inception I understood the benefits of a buying group. We joined the BIGA group in 2006. Prior to joining BIGA we struggled to be competitive & couldn't access some suppliers & specified brands in the bathroom products supply game.

Joining the BIGA group enabled us to get trading accounts & much improved discounts with many suppliers. From that time we have steadily been able to grow the bathroom products supply side of our business to the extent that we are now the "go to" showroom & supplier in our region. There are many other benefits we enjoy from being a BIGA member.

For us these benefits include:
  1. Group & Brand identity.
  2. Supplier agreements which give us better margins & competitive pricing.
  3. Management & staff to help us with product & price assistance.
  4. Supplier rebates which are returned to us monthly.
  5. Group advertising & promotion.
  6. Networking with other members at conferences & trade expo's

I have a group mentality & absolutely recommend the benefits of being a member of the BIGA group. ..."

Chris Mould
South-East Tile & Bathroom Centre

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